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Applique work is a centuries-old technique used to decorate a garment. It adds a designer element to a simple saree, elevating it from an ordinary creation to a stunning one that is a collector’s item. With is name originating from the French term ‘Applique’ that involves attaching patches of colourful fabric onto garments or linen, this technique has been used in India for a long time for beautifying sarees. While it is most commonly used to add colour to a plain saree, it can also be used to make a rich saree grander by the addition of tissue applique motifs that replace the traditional gold border or pallu. This interesting technique adds a contemporary twist to regular sarees. Applique embroidery is one of the ancient crafts that are showcased in the Sakhi online collection. The range of applique sarees featured on the store includes Tussar silks, Organza, Kanchivaram, Banarasi Net and Chiffon silks. A work enhances the richness of these silks with an infusion of floral motifs, zigzag borders and nature-inspired designs such as shells and leaves. The applique sarees come in a range of colours, from soft ivory, pinks and peaches to bold blacks, blues and green. Applique work sarees are eye catching because of the exquisite hand embroidery that is associated with them. They have an unmatched elegance that makes them suitable for wearing to either formal or casual occasions, depending upon the fabric of the saree and the richness of the applique work. ...
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Applique Work Sarees