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Elegant cut work embroidery always draws a second glance. The skill that goes into creating flawless cutwork designs, whether it is on linen or garments, is admirable. Traditionally used to decorate linen, it can also be seen on sarees. Cut work originated in Italy during the Renaissance and subsequently spread to other parts of Europe and Great Britain, until it was brought to India during the colonial era. Since then, it has remained a popular craft that is used to add a lace-like effect on borders and hems of garments. While in the earlier days, cutwork was reserved mainly for light fabrics such as organza, with its growing popularity, this technique can be seen on almost every type of textile, including rich Kanchivaram silk sarees. As a decorative element, it is versatile and can be used on a wide range of fabrics, but it requires a skilled hand to work this type of embroidery into slippery silks such as chiffons and georgettes. Sarees with cutwork embroidery are featured among the online collection of Sakhi Fashion. The range has cut work sarees in organza, chiffon, Tussar and Kanchivaram, among others. Some of the sarees follow the traditional design of a single-coloured saree with contrast colour cutwork embroidery in floral or ethnic motifs along the border and pallu. Others follow a more contemporary approach with chequered cut work filling up the entire pallu. We also have a range of blouses with cut work embroidery on the sleeves, which can transform a saree from ordinary to exclusive....
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Cut Work Sarees