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Kundan work on sarees has been popular for centuries, with the sparkling gemstones adding flair to the wardrobe of kings and queens. The fixing of the gemstone on fabric is a rare and precious ancient Indian craft. Traditionally, Kundan jewellery came from Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the craft of hand stitching gemstones using gold and silver threads was popular under the patronage of the Mughal rulers. The embroidery work is similar to the zardozi style that is known for its rich and ornate designs. The combination of gemstones and gold threads was a common feature on the garments of the Royals. Over the years, with the rising costs of the precious threads, the use of Kundan gemstones as a decorative technique on garments declined. Even nowadays, it is an uncommon feature on saris, which makes it a rare possession. The hand sewn gem embroidery work adds a designer element and can transform a rich silk to an exclusive piece that will be the centre of attention. The Kundan work sarees featured on our online store include contemporary Kanchi silks with coloured gemstones on the body, concept design Kancheevaram silk sarees with Kundan gemstones on the Pallu, modern Kanchi silk with Kundan embroidery on the contrast blouse and multi-coloured silks with Kundan gemstone motifs on the border and pallu. The richness of Kundan stone work on heavy Kanchi silk makes each of these sarees a collector’s item, which can be treasured for a lifetime. ...
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Kundan Work Sarees