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Lace sarees and blouses have an unmatched element of mystery and glamor that paint a picture of sophistication when worn. Beautifully woven lace features in our collection in the form of exquisite sarees and blouses that are guaranteed to be the cynosure of all eyes. Lace fabric is often featured in designer collections because of its ability to create gorgeous silhouettes as it drapes over a woman’s body, delicately accentuating the curves. While they have a classic appeal that has survived through the decades, our collection includes a range of contemporary creations that keep up with the latest fashion trends. The lace creations featured on the online store at Sakhi Fashion include graceful ‘instawear’ Lycra-silk sarees that are stitched into an easy one-piece garment with a sheer lace blouse, making it easy to wear as it requires no draping. In colours such as black and gold, black and red, and maroon, these lovely sarees are stunning and elegant. Besides this, the lace saree collection includes contemporary half-and-half designs in contrasting colours, classic black lace for an ultra-sophisticated look for a party or rich gold French Chantilly lace that can be worn even to a wedding. Then there are the pretty pastel shades such as pink and silver that lend daintiness and are ideal for kitty parties or ladies lunches. Like with other sarees in our collection, these sarees also have designer elements such as border-attach, hand embroidery or brocade-work that makes each piece unique. ...
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Lace Sarees