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With their subtle sheen, pure silk sarees are the most desirable type of sarees, which any women would like to own. These elegant silks are commonly used for weddings and festive occasions because of the richness associated with them. Pure silks sarees encompass a wide variety of hand loom silks from different regions in the country. Kancheevaram, Banarasi, Uppada, Mysore Silk, Orissa Silk, Gadwal and Baluchari are some of the well-known silks that fall under the category of pure silks. While these silks are costlier than other options that include a mix of synthetic or cotton threads along with the silk threads, pure silk sarees are exclusive because they are traditionally woven by hand and are the result of the craftsmanship of the weaver. Our collection of pure silk sarees includes a range of designs, some of which are suitable for bridal wear with elaborate gold zari work throughout. Others are elegant and simple with a plain silk body with a contrast border featuring a light touch of zari. In addition, our range includes unique designer pieces that have elements such as half-and-half design, cutwork embroidery and hand block printing that add a twist to a regular pure silk saree. The sarees featured on our online store come in a wide selection of colours, from bright pinks, oranges, blues and greens, some with contrast borders and pallus, which are perfect for festive occasions, as well as more subtle whites, creams and pastel shades that can be worn for a semi-formal occasion....
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Pure Silk Sarees