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Earrings add pizzazz to a woman’s style quotient by presenting a charming feature that can be colour coordinated to match an overall look. From understated elegance to over the top glamor, the right earring can achieve the preferred look. In India, earrings are the most worn type of jewellery with even little girls using them as an accessory to enhance their beauty or portray their sense of style. The variety of designs allows earrings to match a mood or look, whether it is casual, semi-formal or festive. While gold, silver and precious stones are worn most often and are considered auspicious for wedding or festive collections; nowadays, many women also resort to gorgeous faux gold or gemstone earrings as an affordable alternative for creating a coordinated look. The Sakhi online collection features an enticing range of earrings created using mix-metal and faux gemstones. This includes colourful gemstone studded earrings as well as gold and antique finish options. The earrings come in a range of traditional, modern and crossover styles such as jhumkas, danglers, bead bunches, hoops, Balis, strands and studs. The collection also includes stunning Kundan pieces as well as trendy rings with interchangeable stones that can be replaced to match the colour of an outfit....
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