SR-0074 Blue & Green Chiffon Saree

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Ships in 45Days An interesting combination of flowing Chiffon silk and Tussar silk featuring Kalamkari hand painting and Sakhi's specialty Cut Work, the saree features a riot of colours yellow, blue, and green.

  • 100% Pure Chiffon Silk & Tussar Silk
  • Raw Silk border detailing
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Brilliant interplay of colours- Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Raw Silk border detailing
  • Kalamkari hand painting and Cut Work

Material: Chiffon and Tussar Silk

The saree features a unique blend of Chiffon and Tussar Silk wherein the bottom portion upto the right shoulder is shaded chiffon and then on is Tussar Silk in contrast blue featuring Kalamkari appliqué work and Cut Work detailing. The effervescent chiffon is a light, sheer fabric with a mild, granular texture. The twist in the yarn creases the fabric gently in both directions, giving it a slightly textured feel. Sakhi blends featherlike chiffon with the more ethnic Tussar Silk to create a new look. Tussar silk is a delicate silk, highly valued for its purity and linear weaving texture. This silk is drawn from cocoons especially cultured on Arjun, Saja or Sal trees. Tussar silk is available naturally in shades of muted gold and mild beige. Tussar silk is considered ideal as well as auspicious for marriages, religious ceremonies and other functions. Designer Chandra has used the fusion of Tussar Silk in Indigo blue with a riot of colours in chiffon silk, the saree fatures a unique concept and make it easy to drape.

Craft: Kalmkari & Cut Work

The saree features modern eclectic combination of unusual colours and fabrics all layered together in a collection of Indian crafts. At Sakhi, designer Chandra layers this mélange of fabric with Kalamkari appliqué technique in border detailing. The saree features ellaborate Cut Work detailing on the indigo blue area from shoulder to pallu. The blouse for this saree is raw silk blouse in mustard hue same as the border.

* Please note the blouse worn by the model is a fashion suggestion and is not available with a Sakhi saree. However, the saree comes with raw silk blouse fabric in mustard and if you wish for a classic style please select from the Saree Finishing Packages. Please note there might be a slight colour variation.

Blouse Option:

Saree Finising

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Code Measurement in(cm) XS
M1 Above Bust(Full Round) 85 90 95 100
M2 Bust(Full Round) 86 91.5 96.5 101.5
M3 Cross Front 32 33 34.5 35.5
M4 Below Bust(Full Round) 77.5 82.5 87.5 92.5
M5 Armhole(Full Round) 38 40.5 43 46
M6 Sleeve Length 14 15 17 20
M7 Sleeve (Full Round) 29 31 33 35
M8 Neck to apex 25.5 26.5 28 29
M9 Shoulder (front) 37 38 39.5 41
M10 Neck Depth (front) 20.5 21 21 21.5
M11 Full Length (front) 35 40 42 45
M12 Bicep Round 16 20 26 32
M13 Shoulder (Back) 35 37 40 42
M14 Neck Depth (Back) 26 26.5 28 29
M15 Cross Back 35.5 37 96.5 39.5
M16 Full Length (Back) 33 38 39 41










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