SR-0141 Black & Orange Crepe Saree

₹ 4,250

Ships in 45Days Effortlessly flowing Crepe Silk saree featuring a collage of border detailing and hand block printing on the body. 

  • 100% Pure Crepe Silk
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Classy Black body colour with multi hue border detailing
  • Hand block printing & Border detailing

Material : Crepe Silk

Crepe features among the most popular fabrics made from silk yarn. The softer version of crepe is called "crepe the chine". Lustrous in visual appeal, crepe silk has a glamorous sheen and an excellent drape. It has a slippery smooth texture, with a crisp appearance. Crepe is woven from hard spun yarn in its natural condition. The fabric, when woven, is smooth and even. Once the resin is extracted, the fabric becomes soft, giving it a crimpy look. Sakhi uses this comfortable-to-wear, fluid silk to create designs that can be worn at all times, this stunning saree features a unique border detailing, a collage of Banaras borders in red and orange hue and hand block printing detailing. The saree is perfect for a slightly dressy affair and the classic black colour makes the saree so very versatile.


Craft - Hand Block Printing

One of the earliest and simplest methods of textile printing, Block printing is, very simply put, the printing of patterns on textile using incised wooden blocks. Block printing involves myriad steps, but the most important step is the preparation of the block which determines the quality and clarity of impressions. The block is then dipped in the desired dye and carefully placed adjacent to the preceding impression of the block as per the design. Sakhi gives a contemporary twist to block print in that the multi colour block printing on the saree is given a subtle highlight with a touch of Gold or Kadi printing. The saree features motifs inspired by the mogul period in Indian history, with emphasis on flora and nature.

* Please note the blouse worn by the model is not available with this Sakhi saree but the saree comes with a matching black crepe silk blouse with border detailing for the sleeves and if you wish for a custom made classic style blouse please select from the Saree Finishing Packages. Please note there might be a slight colour variation

Blouse Option:

Saree Finising

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Please provide us your Custom Measurements to ensure a good fit.

Once you fill up the measurement form an e-mail delivered to SakhiFashions with a copy marked to you. Alternatively download measurement form and e-mail to

Code Measurement in(cm) XS
M1 Above Bust(Full Round) 85 90 95 100
M2 Bust(Full Round) 86 91.5 96.5 101.5
M3 Cross Front 32 33 34.5 35.5
M4 Below Bust(Full Round) 77.5 82.5 87.5 92.5
M5 Armhole(Full Round) 38 40.5 43 46
M6 Sleeve Length 14 15 17 20
M7 Sleeve (Full Round) 29 31 33 35
M8 Neck to apex 25.5 26.5 28 29
M9 Shoulder (front) 37 38 39.5 41
M10 Neck Depth (front) 20.5 21 21 21.5
M11 Full Length (front) 35 40 42 45
M12 Bicep Round 16 20 26 32
M13 Shoulder (Back) 35 37 40 42
M14 Neck Depth (Back) 26 26.5 28 29
M15 Cross Back 35.5 37 96.5 39.5
M16 Full Length (Back) 33 38 39 41










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