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Saree Blouse : The Classic style Indian Saree Blouse is a form fitting top and is worn with the saree. The blouse is essentially is midriff baring garment. One can explore various unique designs and styles of sleeve like- sleeveless, half sleeves, three fourth sleeves or full sleeves and also try various neck options like- Square, Deep U, boat neck, V- Neck to name a few. Sakhi has experimented with the modest Indian blouse and created modern designs in this traditional format. The Blouse can be very demure to very glamorous depending on the design. Petticoat : A petticoat or underskirt is a layer of clothing worn by women underneath the saree. The petticoat is a separate garment hanging from the waist. Saree petticoats must match the color of the saree and are usually made of comfortable cotton fabric, new additions are in san-Crepe, lycra and others. Special to Sakhi is Hakoba petticoats and Cut work embroidered petticoats in various colours.